Rock Climbing Near Kanab Utah

Rock climbing near Kanab, Utah is abundant and plenty of routes and locations are available. There is literally tons of places to climb. The options are too many to list here. What we can do for you though is touch on some basic points and list a few websites that will help you located places to start climbing. First of all, if you are an experienced climber, then chances are that you already have several resources you use when looking for new places to climb.

The most important piece of information that we can give you is to make sure you are safe in all your climbing activities and that you do not get in over your head. You need to get as much information as possible about the route you are climbing. Doing so will make your climbing experience the best possible, and it could save your life. It is always best to go with a guide or get a hold of a book that has the climbing routes available in that area. Perhaps the best thing to do is get on the Internet and search out pages about that specific route you want to climb. With that being said, here are some links below that can help get you in the right direction.

Rock Climbing Links To Look Into
nfo on these recommended Rock Climbing Tours:

Paragon Adventure
Paragon Climbing Instruction offers year round adventure based programs in the beautiful red rock canyons of southwestern Utah.

Zion Rock Guides
Climb year-round with an experienced group of rock climbing guides. Our shop is located in Springdale at the mouth of Zion National Park. is a great place to see some great photos of climbs and research out mroe information about the climbs in the southwest area. Make sure you check out this website. You won't be dissapointed! features a lot of places to climb in the northern Utah area. Although not right near Kanab, we thought it was a great idea to throw this one in as well so that you can see what is out there not too far off from southern Utah climbing. is a great site if you are looking for a guide service that will teach you how to climb or take you to some great places to climb based on your skill set. They also offer repelling classes as well. has a lot of information for rock climbing in the St George area as well as the other southwestern areas near kanab. If you are looking for information on places to rock climb near Kanab, then this site is a great choice for that.

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