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Sports Activities Near Kanab Utah

Grand to Grand Race
Race from Grand Canyon to Grand Staircase

The Grand to Grand Ultra is the first self-supported stage footrace ever to take place in America, on a world class course that has been experienced by few brave adventurers. It starts from the awe-inspiring north rim of the Grand Canyon, and finishes on the summit of the Grand Staircas.

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Biking / Mountain Biking

Whether it be road biking or mountain biking, you will never be bored here. Kanab Utah offers tons of places that you will love and return to time and time again. World class events are held. Check out more here.

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Rock Climbing

There is tons of rock climbing real close to kanab, Utah. The rugged, rocky landscape is a perfect location for some of the best climbing in the southwest. Don't miss out on some of the best climbing in the region.

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Skiing / Snowboarding

Yes! It's true, we have skiing and snowboarding right here in the middle of the southwest. A lot of people who love both summer and winter sports shy away from this area, when in fact it is actually a great place to ski or snowboard.

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Snowmobiling is in abundance here during the winter. If you like to go fast and ride in beautiful locations and go to places most never go during the winter, snowmobiling is the ticket. Kanab is your gateway to great snowmobiling.

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Waterskiing / Wakeboarding

If there is one thing that we can guarantee, it is that Lake Powell which is close by is the water sport mecca of the southwest. Kanab is not far and you will be glad to be so close to some of the worlds best water sports recreational area.

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