Movie History of Kanab Utah - Movies Filmed In Kanab

There is a very rich movie history of Kanab Utah. Sometimes movies and T.V. shows cannot be filmed on a set or in southern California. This is especially true when it comes to western movies or movies and T.V. shows filmed in areas that require that old west feel. Kanab is a small city in the heart of some of the most iconic western landscape in the United States which make it very accessible. This is just one of the reasons why movie history of Kanab Utah is so extensive. The fairly close location and easy access from Hollywood also make this one of the locations of choice for western movies, and has been for many decades. Check out this amazing list of movies and T.V. shows that have been filmed right here near Kanab Utah.

The Lone Ranger (1949 - 1957)

Death Valley Days (1952 - 1975)

Have Gun Will Travel (1957 - 1963)

Daniel Boone (1964 - 1970)

Gunsmoke (1955 - 1975) 

Six Million Dollar Man (1974 - 1978) 

Grizzly Adams (1977 - 1978)

Lassie (1954 - 1974)

Wagon Train (1957 - 1965)

How the West Was Won (1979)

F Troop (1965 - 1967)

More Movies & TV History of Kanab Utah

1924 Deadwood Coach 

1929 In Old Arizona 

1930 The Big Trail 

1934 The Dude Ranger 

1936 Ramona  

1937 The Bad Man of Brimstone  

1938 The Lone Ranger  
           The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickock 

1939 The Kanab Kid
           Swanee River

1939 The Mormon Conquest
           Drums Along the Mohawk 
           Westbound Stage 
           Feud of the Range 
           Union Pacific 
           Lure of the Wasteland 

1940  Roll Wagons Roll
           Brigham Young, Frontiersman  
           Wagon Train 
           Kit Carson 
           The Fargo Kid 

1941  Billy the Kid
           The Shepherd of the Hills
           Western Union 

1942 Arabian Nights 

1943 War of the Wildcats aka In Old Oklahoma 
           The Desperados 
           The Desert Song
           My Friend Flicka 

1944 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves 
           Can't Help Singing 
           Tall in the Saddle
           Buffalo Bill 

1945 Thunderhead, Son of Flicka 

1946 Smoky 

1947 Ramrod 
           Slave Girl 
           Thunder in the Valley 

1948 Black Bart 
           Fort Apache 
           Green Grass of Wyoming 
           Fury at Furnace Creek 

1949 Stallion Canyon 
           The Big Cat 
           Calamity Jane and Sam Bass 
           Red Canyon 
           She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 

1950 The Outriders 
           Kansas Raiders 

1951 Oh, Susanna 
           Cattle Drive 
           Best of the Badmen
​           Westward the Woman 

1952 Ride the Man Down 
           Bugles in the Afternoon 
           The Lion and the Horse  

1953 Pony Express 
           Ride, Vaquero! 

1954 The Yellow Tomahawk 
           Southwest Passage

1955 Fort Yuma 
           No Place To Ride 
           Santa Fe Passage

1956 Ghost Town 
           Stagecoach to Fury 
           The Lone Ranger 
           Quinncannon, Frontier Scout 
           The Rainmaker 

1957 The Badge of Marshall Brennan 
           Trooper Hook
           Copper Sky 
           War Drums 
           Dragoon Wells Massacre 
           The Dalton Girls 
           Ride a Violent Mile 
           The Girl in Black Stockings 
           Revolt at Fort Laramie 
           Tomahawk Trail 
           Raiders of Old California 
1958 The Badlanders 
           Fort Bowie 
           Fort Dobbs 

1959 Timbuktu 
1960 Ten Who Dared 
1961 The Misfits 

1962 Sergeants 3 

1964 Ballad of a Gunfighter 

1965 Convict Stage 
           Fort Courageous 
​           The Greatest Story Ever Told
           Ride in the Whirlwind

1966 The Plainsman 
           El Dorado 
           Duel at Diablo  

1967 Brighty of Grand Canyon 
           The Long Ride Home aka A Time for Killing 
           A Rough Night In Jericho
           Ride to Hangman’s Tree

1968 Bandolero! 
           Planet of the Apes 
​           The Shooting 

1969 The Desperados 
           Mackenna's Gold 

1973 The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing 
           One Little Indian

1974 Run to the High Country 

1976 The Outlaw Josey Wales 
           Across the Great Divide 

1977 Brigham 
           The Car 
           Exorcist II: The Heretic 

1979 The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again 

1981 Windwalker 

1990 Desperate Hours
           Devil’s Highway

1991 Beastmaster II 
           Point Break

1993 Angel Eyes
           Benefit of the Doubt

1994 The Flinstones

1995 Tall Tale 
           Wind Runner 

1996 Broken Arrow 

2001 Evolution 
           Planet of the Apes

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