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If you are looking for the ultimate family adventure close to Kanab Utah, Lake Powell is a must. At first glance, it may seem like there is not much to do here in the middle of the desert. However you cannot believe what is in store for you. If you have a boat, you are in for an adventure. Lake Powell is huge! So big in fact you won't likely have enough gas or time to really go explore all its beauty. In fact, talk to other people that have been there. If you want to see one of the curious works of art in nature, make sure you see Rainbow Bridge National Monument. You can drive your boat close by, and hike the rest of the way. In fact, this is what many people do. There are actually signs anchored that point the way at various locations on the lake. It is not hard to get lost in the spider web of off shoot canyons that you can take your boat into. There is also a ton of hiking and plenty of off roading and mountain biking for you to do as well. Living in Kanab Utah is an ideal place if you are looking for easy access to some of the most beautiful and adventurous lifestyle that can be offered.

Lake Powell is a reservoir on the Colorado River, straddling the border between Utah and Arizona. Lake Powell is the second largest man-made reservoir in maximum water capacity in the United States. Lake Powell stored 24,322,000 acre feet of water when it is full. The reservoir is named for explorer John Wesley Powell, who was a one-armed American Civil war veteran. Lake Powell offers almost 2,000 miles of shoreline. You can expect endless sunshine and warm water. The perfect weather and spectacular scenery bring many to Lake powell every year. There are resorts, hotels and expeditions offered when vacationing to Lake Powell. While at Lake Powell you can give a try at wake boarding, or spend time by your campfire gleaming at the star filled sky

In Lake Powell contains Glen Canyon. Glen Canyon was carved by differential erosion from the Colorado River over an estimates 5 million years. The confluences of the Escalante, Dirty Devil and San Juan Rivers with the Colorado lie within Lake Powell. Glen Canyon is also home to Glen Canyon Damn which is the reason why Lake Powell Exists today.

Geology Of Lake Powell

In Lake Powell contains Glen Canyon. Glen Canyon was carved by differential erosion from the Colorado River over an estimates 5 million years. The confluences of the Escalante, Dirty Devil and San Juan Rivers with the Colorado lie within Lake Powell.

Natural Landmarks Of Lake Powell

There are many distinct landmark features in and around Lake Powell. If you can, it would be well worth it to visit as many of these as you can.

Glenn Canyon Dam - This dam holds back a whole lot of water that is why Lake Powell exists today.

Rainbow Bridge National Monument - This naturally occurring bridge stands at 290 feet high and spans 234 feet. It is the world's highest natural bridge.

Defiance House Ruin - Defiance House Ruins is what is called a put house, made from the Pueblo Indians who lived in the area. This particular home was believed to have been occupied from about 1250 to 1285 AD.

San Juan Goose Necks - The San Juan Goose Necks is a portion of Lake Powell that sharply twists and turns through steep canyon walls. A scenic vista is available that is about 1,000 feet above looking down over this area offering amazing views and photographic opportunity.

Kaiparowits Plateau - A large land formation in southwestern Utah that makes up a significant portion of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

Hole In The Rock Crossing - Hole In The Rock Crossing is a passage way but out and built by LDS (Mormon) Pioneers. This interesting canyon was meant to be a short cut for crossing the plains but ended up taking much longer to cut through the rock and steep terrain.

The Rincon - The Rincon is a location of Lake Powell, that when full, it makes a complete circle around an island of rock.

Three Roof Ruin - This is another Indian Anasazi Ruins on Lake Powell's Escalante. Evidence Dinosaur foot prints have been located here.

Padre Bay - Padre Bay is the largest open body of water on Lake Powell. Nearby hiking attractions are the "weathering pits" that range in 10-15 feet in diameter and 20-70 feet deep.

The Glen Canyon National Recreation Area draws more than two million visitors annually. Recreational activities include boating, fishing, water skiing, jet-skiing, and hiking. Prepared campgrounds can be found at each marina, nut many visitors choose to rent a houseboat or bring their own camping equipment. It is easy to fins a secluded spot somewhere in the canyons, and make your own camp. There are no restrictions on where visitors can stay. Anyone who camps further than a quarter of a mile from a marina, however must bring a portable toilet. These are just a few reasons why Kanab, Utah is considered to be such a wonderful and quickly growing area for people wanting to retire or just simply live close to some of the best outdoor activities on earth.

Check out this great video shot over a weeks period of time while at Lake Powell. If this doesn't make you want to come here, nothing will.

Stuff To Do At Lake Powell

Lake Powell has no shortage of things to do. If you are looking for a place to vacation or escape nearby cities such as Kanab, Cedar City, or St George, then this is the place. There are tons of activities to do here. According to many, it's hard to come here properly prepared and be bored.



Boating – Boating at Lake Powell is pretty much the main reason why people come here. There may be restrictions on personal water craft, so to make sure you are allowed to still use PWC at Lake Powell - Click here.


Fishing - Believe it or not, there is some good fishing here at Lake Powell. There a quite a few people that find a nice little quiet cove to park their boat and just enjoy some fishing. Click here for more information on fishing.


Kayaking - For some people, it's not always about speed and thrills. In fact, one of the best ways to see Lake Powell is in a man powered boat. Click here for more information on kayaking in Lake Powell.


Hiking – For simple day hikes or several day treks, there is plenty of hiking at Lake Powell. For more information on backpacking and hiking in Lake Powell, click here.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking – Lake Powell is a great place to escape and do some mountain biking. There is a lot you need to know about biking here so make sure you come prepared by checking out this link for more info.

Zion National Park Hiking

Scenic Drives - Lake Powell has some great places to go for a drive and get a look at the rugged, but beautiful outdoors of the Glenn Canyon Area. If you plan it right, you can get some amazing sunset views. More Info

Zion National Park Hiking

Swimming - Many people that come here to stay for several days, end up just hang out on the lakes edge and doing a little swimming. For more information on swimming safety and locations, please check here.

Zion National Park Hiking

Tours - If you are the type that enjoys tours, you might be interested in knowing that there are several tours, including the damn and boat tours of the lake. Click here for more information on tours at Lake Powell.

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