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Have you wondered if buying a home and turning it into a vacation rental would be good income?


Or better than good income, would having rentals and creating a tour company be a job that would fit you?


Check out Utah’s AIRBNB EXPERIENCES and let LA ESTANCIA be your basecamp!



Airbnb and the Utah Office of Tourism have partnered to make Utah among the first states featured on Airbnb’s new Experiences Platform.

Airbnb’s Experiences are hosted by passionate locals who love sharing their community and expertise with guests by planning and leading experiences. Experiences are hosted on the Airbnb website and marketed to millions of Airbnb customers through their website, social media and email channels. Hosting an experience is a way for you or your organization to share your expertise, make more money and gain exposure to a vast audience of highly-engaged travelers.

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What are Airbnb Experiences?

Download ”What is an Experience” Handout [PDF]

Download Airbnb Experiences Overview [PDF]



Airbnb Experiences immerse travelers in local communities around the world by offering unique, one-of-a-kind activities designed and led by local experts you won’t find anywhere else. Current Utah Experiences include things like, a tintype photo class, learning to rappel/canyoneer, stand up paddleboarding in the Wasatch Mountains, owl watching at night, a honey tasting experience and more.

There are two types of experiences: Single Experiences, which last a few hours, and Adventures, which encompass the end-to-end trip.

All Experiences are highly participatory and focus on a unique skill, perspective or expertise you or your organization wants to impart to others.

Airbnb Adventures are multi-day experiences which provide extraordinary access to travelers — they are experiences that guests would design their trip around and encompass the entire trip, which could include accommodations and/or transportation.


Examples of Adventures:

  • Horseback riding and glamping in Monument Valley

  • Weekend working on an archeological site.

  • Multi-day trek into a winding slot canyon.

  • Live with a Navajo family in a hogan and learn about traditional storytelling over a fire

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What’s in it for you?

Airbnb Experience hosts receive 80 percent of the fees (except for non-profit social impact hosts, which receive 100 percent of proceeds) charged to participants of the experience. Airbnb then handles promotion, booking and coordination of the Experiences with guests and provides a limited liability insurance policy to hosts. Collectively, this makes Airbnb Experiences an ideal outlet for:

  • Existing businesses like guides and outfitters to offer new types of trips exclusively to Airbnb customers.

  • County and city marketing entities (DMOs and CVBs) can expand the types of tourism offerings to increase visitor satisfaction, support longer stays in your area and give visitors a reason to engage more deeply with your community and community members.

  • Local residents and small businesses to develop a secondary source of revenue or test a business idea.

  • Non-profit entities, which receive 100 percent of all the revenues collected for Experiences – also an excellent way to expand the reach and impact of the non-profit.

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